I'm Better Than This

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Stuffed toys and stuffed animals have always held a significant place in childhood, in safety, in comfort, and in friendship. Children love their toys unconditionally, no matter if they get torn, ripped apart, start changing color, or smell. As people grow up there is a stigma in society to get rid of the “immature” possessions from childhood. This stigma can create confusion and stress in the minds of adults who have disabilities, as they are required to display a more “mature” presence, than they may be able to. As someone with ADHD and Aspergers the texture of a stuffed animal is calming for me. Sensory overloads can trigger emotional reactions that require those with Aspergers to use calming methods. My calming methods are: crying, repeating phrases, listening to music, and hyperventilating. For those who are different in this way there is an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and stress of having to fit in with an inapt world. There is peace and security found when those who are called disabled are surrounded by what makes them happy, similar to the comfort a stuffed animal gives a crying child.


Material: Welded steel, stuffed toys, speaker, mps player

Duration: 60 minute loop 

(audio ends at 16 minute 32 seconds)

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